Who We Are


The congregation

We are an active church and, although we are proud of our beautiful building, the church is actually the people who come together in worship, prayer and support of one another.  We are a diverse congregation and welcome all who wish to visit or stay.


Pastor: Dr. Roderick Miller


We are so grateful that Pastor Roderick Miller, who had been in acting capacity during Pastor Helen’s absence, has offered to stay with MVPUMC as our pastor.

We are saddened to announce the passing of Dr. Helen Fleming, pastor of Mt. Vernon Place UMC.  Our prayers are with her family and friends.  As a woman of uncompromising faith, we believe that she is at peace and with her Lord.

Dr. Fleming came to us in July of 2018 and immediately began to work on changes in ministry, worship and the use of our facilities.  With a strong background in developing community partnerships, we were excited to have her with us and helping us to forge new relationships.  Although her time with us was too short, her spirit will continue through the congregation that she was able to touch.  Her vision for Mt. Vernon Place is shared  by the congregation who is committed to continue her work.

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The Building

Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church is a prime example of Victorian Gothic architecture. Conceived of as a "Cathedral of Methodism," the building was designed by Thomas Dixon and Charles L. Carson and completed on November 12, 1872 in what was then the outskirts of the city.

The church sits on the site of the mansion of Charles Howard, who was married to Elizabeth Phoebe Key. Her father, Francis Scott Key, the author of The Star Spangled Banner, died here in his daughter's home. A plaque observing his death adorns the southern outside church wall, marking the church as a highlighted location on the National Historic Register. The cost of this grand structure, including land, building, and furnishings was $400,000 in 1872 (in today's dollars it is over $8,200,000).

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We're a Reconciling Church


Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church is a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network. As a  member, we affirm our belief that all persons are worthy of God’s love and grace. 

We recognize the sacred worth and dignity of all persons without regard to sex, race, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnicity, nationality, physical or mental capacity, education or economic or marital status. We pledge our responsibility to offer a safe and welcoming place of worship, dedicated to supporting all persons in their quest for spiritual self-actualization and fulfilment. 

We celebrate the diversity of our church membership and the community we serve. We believe that God is love and therefore loves all persons, and that God welcomes all persons in their desire for belonging and home in a family of faith. We are dedicated to our journey to become an ever more loving and welcoming family of faith for all persons who seek to worship.