What We Do


Our Mission

Connecting people - Loving God - Impacting lives

Connecting people:  Meeting the needs of All people.

Loving God: Sharing the love of God.

Impacting lives: Making disciples for Christ.


Comfort Birds

Hand-carved by one of our members, these birds are given to those in need of comfort. To date, we have provided hope and comfort to 120 individuals and thier families with this simple act of kindness and caring. If you know of anyone who is ill or suffering, please contact us at mvpumcbaltimore@gmail.com or 410-685-5290. Include full name, address, and reason for the Comfort Bird in you e-mail or telephone message. You may also support this effort through our Giving page.

Lunch Bags for the Homeless

MVPUMC is working with First and Franklin Presbyterian Church to produce lunch bags for the homeless.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining us on the 2nd Sunday of each month from noon to 12:30 to build lunch bags.  Contact our office for more information and location at 410-685-5290 or mvpumcbaltimore@gmail.com.